What is 'Fresh Herbal Ball' Treatment ?
“Fresh Herbal Ball Treatment” is a herbal thermal therapy unique to Thailand, herb’s treasure trove, which has been fostered in Thai traditional medicine 2,500 years’ history. Herbs minced until soft are wrapped in cotton fabric and steamed. The herbal balls are pressed slowly along the energy-flowing lines called “Sen” throughout the body. The treatment is acknowledged to raise metabolism, enhance self-immunity and inherent natural healing power of your body. At Asia Herb Association, we follow traditional recipe faithfully and mix 18 kinds of organic herbs, all grown at our company’s organic farm, and create hand-made herbal balls with great care everyday.
What is the difference between '100% Pure Blend Oil' and 'Herbal Aroma Oil' ?
“100% Pure Blend Oil” is a blend of seven types of natural oils, which are jojoba oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, virgin olive oil, grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamin E. The blended oil is fragrance-free and highly effective for skin care.
“Herbal Aroma Oil”, the mix of Pure Blend Oil with herb-and-fragrance concentrated essential oil, is aromatic oil. Tamarind, Hibiscus, Marigold, Lemongrass and Citronella, Lime & Kaffir Lime, and Plai & Ginger, we offer six types of herbal aroma oil for your selection.
I am pregnant, can I get a massage ?
Only customers who have entered stable period of pregnancy, and received permission from doctors can receive Foot Massage or Head & Shoulder Massage. Please inform us in advance if you are pregnant or may be pregnant.
What is the 'Fresh Herbal Steam Sauna' ?
We steam 18 kinds of freshly cultivated organic herbs everyday. As it becomes steam sauna, the efficacies of the herbs can be absorbed not just through skin, but you can also breathe in the herbal scents. We recommend entering the steam sauna before all kinds of treatments.

[ Branches that provide Fresh Herbal Steam Sauna ]

  • Sukhumvit 24 Phrom-Phong Shop (private treatment rooms with steam sauna)
  • Benchasiri Park Shop(private sauna room)

I cannot speak Thai. Is that ok ?
Of course, it is ok.
We aim to be a spa where customers do not feel stressed about languages.

At our shops, the receptionists comprise of many nationalities ranging from Thai, Filipino, Japanese, Russian, etc. English-speaking staff are also available. We prepare “Thai Language Fans” in all treatment rooms to help you to communicate with therapists during treatment.

Can I use credit card ?
Yes! We provide credit card machines for your payment at all branches.

  • VISA
  • JCB
  • Union Pay
  • American Express

Can I decide on treatment after I arrive at the shop ?
Yes, but the rooms for foot treatment and body treatment are different. For foot massage, reclining chairs are used, while for body massage, the treatment is performed on the bed. If you wish to decide on the treatment when you arrive at the shop, please select “body” treatment rooms and treatment duration when making a reservation. In such case, even if you choose foot massage, the treatment can still be performed on the bed.
However, please make appointment in advance for fresh herbal steam sauna. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Can I receive a massage during menstruation ?
Yes. Massage can be received without any problems.
However, if you have problems on the appointment day such as heavy menstrual cramps, please feel free to let us know. During massage, we request that you bring your own sanitary product for your use. We will provide disposable underwear for you at the branch.
I have skin problems. Can I get a massage ?
All of our products are original organic products that are less irritative to the skin. However, since there is a possibility that it may cause your condition to deteriorate, we do not recommend oil massage or fresh herbal ball therapy to customers who have skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. We suggest that such customers choose oil-free Thai Traditional Body Massage, or Head and Shoulder Massage instead. We cannot take responsibility if your skin conditions worsen, please consult your doctor prior to making reservation. In addition, we apologize for having to decline giving treatments to customers who have infectious skin diseases.
Do you have male therapists ?
Yes, male therapists are available at our shops.
However, as the number of male therapists is limited, if you would like a male therapist to perform a massage, please inform your request in advance when you make reservation.
Do you provide special attire for massage ?
Yes, we provide clothes for you to change before massage at all of our branches.
For Thai traditional body massage, special loose clothing will be provided. As for oil body massage and body scrub, which require undressing, items such as disposable underwear and shower caps will be provided. Other items such as bathrobes and towels, blankets in case you are cold and extra pillows are also available for use. However, we do not provide cosmetic products such as cleansing or lotion.
Can I use shower ?
Customers who choose body treatment menus can use shower. Our treatment rooms have shower room inside; thus, you can choose whether you would like to take shower before or after the treatment or both. We also provide towel, shower caps, and original body soap for your usage.
Could you call a taxi for me after the treatment ends ?
Yes, of course.
Since we cannot call a taxi in advance and have them wait, we will stop a taxi that passes in front of the branch when you are leaving. We will assist you in telling the taxi driver your desired destination. After the treatment, please inform the receptionist where you would like to go. Also, if you have hotel card or map (Thai language), please give them to the receptionist who is communicating with the taxi driver to ensure a smooth ride. Also, if we receive a prior reservation, we can help to arrange a chauffeur service for your convenience.
What are your operating hours ?
Our shops’ operating hours are as follows:

  • Sukhumvit 24 Phrom-Phong Shop
    Open Daily 09:00am – 09:00pm
    (Last Reception 07:00pm)
    → NOW OPEN!!
  • Sukhumvit 4 Nana Shop
    Open Daily 09:00am – 02:00am
    (Last Reception 00:00am)
    → Now temporary closed.
    Resumption date undecided.
  • Benchasiri Park Shop
    Open Daily 09:00am – 09:00pm
    (Last Reception 07:00pm)
    → NEW OPEN!!
  • Pattaya Beach Road Shop
    Open Daily 09:00am – 02:00am
    (Last Reception 00:00am)
    → Now temporary closed.
    Resumption date undecided.
  • Sriracha Aeon Mall Shop
    Open Daily 09:00am – 02:00am
    (Last Reception 00:00am)
    → Now temporary closed.
    Resumption date undecided.

Can I buy spa products ?
Yes. We offer spa products for sale in all branches.
All the products used in the treatment as well as the products for sale are original organic products used only organic herbs grown at our own farm.
Regarding big volume purchase, please consult with us in advance.
Inquiries about products, please click here.
Can I make a group booking ?
Yes, we are happy to take your reservation.
For a group of 10 persons or more, we request that you pay a deposit 50% of the total amount of service costs prior to the appointment date. Deposit payment can be done by credit card or paid directly at the branch. As for payment at the branch, we can receive deposit payment at all branches, but please specify the branch for payment in advance.

  • For booking of 10 persons or more, please make an appointment online or by calling the branch at least 5 days before the appointment date.
  • The deposit can be made with cash or credit card but please make payment at least 4 days prior to your appointment date.
  • In the case of cancellation, the deposit will be forfeited. In the case of changes in the number of customers, we accept making changes until the day before the appointment date.
  • Regarding the remaining 50% of the balance, please make payment by cash or credit card directly at the branch on the day you visit our shop.

For group booking of 10 persons or more, click here.