Compassionate heart inherited
by Thai traditional therapy

can be traced back to 2500-year history
from the era of Buddha’s doctor Jivaka Kaumara-Bhrtya,
who is said to have built the foundation of Thai massage
and herbal remedies passed down to the present.
The therapeutic method that came to Thailand together with
Buddhism was nurtured and safeguarded by Thai temples.
At that time, temples were places that taught Buddhism as well as medical science.
Thai traditional medicine does not focus on just feeling good or being healthy,
but also rests upon the concept of “compassionate heart” towards the other side.

Treatments are not just about techniques,
but the underlying elements that
can be felt directly by your body

It is what “speaks louder than words” and
“communicates what simple words cannot”.
Sometimes, such a thing exists.
Although it is of course important to try to improve skills everyday,
if there is no “heart” underlying in the service,
we believe such service is not authentic.
We hope you will experience authentic
We hope that you will enjoy an authentic Thai traditional treatments
that are part of Thai culture at Asia Herb Association.

Our Branches


Sukhumvit 24
Phrom-Phong Shop

(Last reception 10pm)
TEL: 02-261-7401


Park Shop

(Last reception 10pm)
TEL: 02-204-2111

Temporarily closed

Sukhumvit 4
Nana Shop

(Last reception 10pm)
TEL: 02-254-8631

Our Promises

Our products

  • We produce hand-made “fresh herbal balls” everyday.
  • The herbs are 100% organic, cultivated at our farm.
  • We cherish making products that are reliable and can be used without worries.
  • We commit to developing products that are good to both environment and human body.

Our therapists

  • All therapists are Thailand’s qualified and certified therapists.
  • All therapists also successfully completed the company’s training.
  • You can request your preferred therapist for your treatment free of charge.
  • You can change therapists within 20 minutes after the start of the treatment.

Our treatment rooms

  • All body massage rooms are private treatment rooms.
  • You can request specific treatment rooms in advance.
  • We provide “Thai language fan” in all rooms for your communication with therapists.
  • We have branches that provide steam sauna service.